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  • Meredith Blackerby

Art At Home!

Welcome to a whole new world of art! One where we no longer have the luxury of a classroom full of art supplies and resources ready and waiting for our students. One where many of our students have limited access to even the most basic supplies in their own homes. One where we no longer experience the joy of watching our kids learning, exploring, and creating right before our eyes.

This situation is new and different and maybe even a little scary, but there are so many teachers (art and otherwise) working tirelessly to make this new normal as productive for their students are possible.

My district is currently in week 2 of eLearning. We are running a Tuesday - Thursday schedule with students, leaving Monday and Friday as planning days for teachers. It has definitely been a challenge, but we are making it work!

I wanted to start by sharing these eLearning Goals visuals that I created for my students. These were the very first things I posted last Monday (the day before students started on eLearning) so that they would know what to expect and what was expected of them in the coming weeks for art.

I wanted to make these visuals as simple as possible so that both parents and students could understand them. I am color coding all of my lessons and resources (to match these visuals) so that it is easy for students to know what is for their grade level.

I will be posting more resources and lessons as the weeks go on! Hang in there everybody and stay smART!!!

Kindergarten eLearning Goals:

1st Grade eLearning Goals:

2nd Grade eLearning Goals:

3rd Grade eLearning Goals:

4th Grade eLearning Goals:

5th Grade eLearning Goals:

6th Grade eLearning Goals:

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