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WOW Art!

W.O.W. - Wonderful Original Work of Art

If you are unfamiliar with this concept, here is a quick rundown from The Art of Education University:

"WOW stands for “Wonderful Original Work of Art.” Invented in a Teaching for Artistic Behavior classroom by Barbara Berry, a TAB educator in Brunwick, ME, the WOW cycle is a way to motivate students to create long-term projects. Students learn to envision a piece of art, plan it out, and execute it by a deadline." -Kelly Phillips

This is something that I have been successfully avoiding for about six years. It just felt like ONE MORE THING that I would have to teach my students. They already have so much in their brains about studios, artistic process, project planning, classroom expectations, etc.

But I finally caved this year after a full-year away from choice-art (see my previous post about art-on-a-cart).

I thought this would be a good welcome back into choice and TAB. My students needed a reminder about what it means to be an independent artist and how to make positive choices about their artwork.

So I created these three graphics for our classroom! They go along with our classroom theme of "superheroes" this year. I especially love the flow chart that will allow my students to self-regulate and check their own work.

click me!

I am hoping to continue to reference back to these visual aids frequently throughout the school year to continuously remind my students that we should only be making WOW art during project time.

I am also hoping to incorporate this terminology into our project take-home sheet and our end of year art show! So stay tuned for those!

You can find this poster set on my TPT page here:

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