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  • Meredith Blackerby

Triumphant Return!


I am excited to announce that I am OFFFICIALLY back to my job as an elementary art teacher! I was on temporary leave during the first nine weeks of our school year to spend time with my new baby boy. He is healthy and happy and I enjoyed every second of being home with him. But I am also ecstatic to be returning to the real world (or at least as close to the real world as we have right now). So I am officially entering the role of "working mama" and learning to juggle the duties of teacher and parent!

My schools are currently functioning in person with students wearing masks and social distancing. All related arts, including myself, have been moved to carts and are traveling classroom to classroom.

I am sad to see my classrooms sitting empty and art-less, but this year is about flexibility and doing everything in our power to keep the creative spark alive in our students.


As we progress into 2nd Quarter I will document my art on a cart journey and share tips and tricks for making TAB and Choice-Art mobile. I am just as new to this as everyone else so if you have any wisdom to share, bring it on!

Have any specific questions or concerns about TAB on a cart? Drop me an email and I will do my best to help!

Stay safe and, as always, stay smART!

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