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  • Meredith Blackerby

Cool Guy Sunglasses

Let me lay out a situation for you and see if anyone can relate...

Every year I come up with a list of art room jobs that need to be completed during cleanup time. These range from cleaning out the sink to sweeping the floor to calling people to lineup when they are quiet. I make posters that clearly state what the job assignments are and how they need to be carried out. There are even cute names to go along with each job title. All of this is done for one main purpose: to make it so I don't have to do it!

And every year, without fail, the jobs don't get done. I tried job badges, I tried job monitors, anything and everything to get these kids motivated to help out! NOTHING!

But guys, I think I finally cracked it. I got my butt on amazon and found some super cheap, super fun, sunglasses. There were a lot of different options for relatively cheap (see bottom for a link). I made sure to buy extra for the inevitable breakage that will happen throughout the year. And.....

And here are the rules:

1. You can only wear them while the cleanup timer is playing.

2. You can only wear them while you are actively doing your job (not before or after).


They absolutely LOVE IT. They are chomping at the bit for cleanup time so that they can slap on these cool shades and strut around doing their job. I have even heard comments like "Wow, the people with jobs look so cool!"

That is what I'm talking about! Kids are dying to have a job on the weeks that they are off.

I will say that it is important to have the "how to we use these carefully" talk because, like I said, these glasses are not built to last. If kids are messing with the ear pieces too much they will just snap right off. I have had one class that lost their privilege to wear them because of broken glasses and they are devastated.

As long as they know their expectations, you should be (mostly) fine. It's elementary school, accidents will definitely still happen.

Here is an example of a pack of glasses from Amazon:

Do you have any knockout ways of encouraging kids to cleanup your art room?? I would love to hear them!!!

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